Dolphin and Whale Watching

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dolphin and whale watching st luciaDon’t miss the most exhilarating experience of your vacation a dolphin and whale watching excursion in St Lucia, with us, is a must! To date, in excess of 25 varieties of these magnificent mammals have been spotted in our waters, each bearing its own unique fascination. The sight of them in their natural habitats, whether they be feeding, mating, frolicking with their calves or just “cooling” out in our refreshing Caribbean waters, is surely a magical and unforgettable experience!

Dolphin and Whale Watching St LuciaThe most frequently sighted of the whales are the, Sperm (45ft), the Pilot (20ft) and the Humpback (60ft). Occasionally, we experience what can only be considered the pinnacle of all sightings the Orcas (Killer Whale 30ft). Who knows, it may be your lucky day! We also come across large pods of Dolphin, sometimes 150 at a time. They dazzle and hypnotize us with their spectacular and lively antics.

The most frequently sighted are the Spotted, the Common, the Fraser and Striped. Our personal favorites are the Spinners, which can be seen leaping playfully several yards into the air, whilst spinning up to seven times.

Whale Watch Safari

These tours leave our docks at the Vigie Marina in Castries, and return three hours later.
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Private Whale Watching Tours

These trips can be customized to your desire, leaving and retiring at your convenience, and if you like, we can make a day trip of it, visiting the sights and some swimming! Call our office at (758)-453-0553 for further information and pricing.

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