Best Time To Visit St Lucia To Plan Your Perfect Holiday!

Beautiful view of Saint Lucia, Caribbean Islands

The Best Time To Visit St Lucia

The peak season to travel in St Lucia is from mid-December through April. This covers the busy holiday season and the driest time to visit the Island.

Travelers looking for an opportunity to relax on the beach, play in the warm water and work on a sun-rich tan should stick with the peak season travel dates. In that case, you should visit Saint Lucia during the drier months of December through April.

Best Time To Visit St Lucia - Peak Season
Peak Season – The Best Time To Visit St Lucia

Low Season Travel In St Lucia

For budget travelers, the best time to visit Saint Lucia would be during the rainy season months of June through November. This is when resorts offer lower rates to entice visitors.

However, most tropical storms in the Caribbean can happen during the rainy season, and the hurricane season is also from June through November.

You’ll find the wettest months of the year are September and October, the height of the hurricane season in the Caribbean islands.

Hurricane Season Is Not The Best Time To Visit St Lucia
Low Season In St lucia

Average Temperature St Lucia

Average temperatures in Saint Lucia by month:

  • January – 83 F or 27 C

  • February – 83 F or 27 C

  • March – 84 F or 28 C

  • April – 86 F or 29 C

  • May – 87 F or 30 C

  • June – 87 F or 30 C

  • July – 86 F or 29 C

  • August – 87 F or 30 C

  • September – 89 F or 31 C

  • October – 89 F or 31 C

  • November – 87 F or 30 C

  • December – 85 F or 28 C

The sea temperature in St Lucia remains consistently warm year-round. During the late spring to early summer months, the temperature will average 82 F, 28 C. From July through August, you’ll find average sea temperatures around 84 F, 29 C. Even during the cooler winter months, average water temperatures are in the 80 F, 27 C range.

Best Time To Visit St Lucia For Festivals

A visit to any Caribbean island during a festival is a great opportunity to explore the island’s culture, creativity, and people. Festival celebrations can include the pageantry of a parade, local food, music, and floral displays.

If your travel dates are flexible and you don’t mind large gatherings, arriving in Saint Lucia during a scheduled festival will immerse you in the local culture. Many festivals are a celebration of historical events that were pivotal to the national heritage. Still, others may be a party time to encourage locals and visitors to get out and have a great time.

Here are some of the festivals to look for when planning your visit to St Lucia. For details and to verify dates, see the Saint Lucia tourism board website.

  • St. Lucia Jazz Festival – Mid-May

  • St. Lucia Carnival – July

  • Mercury Fest – Mid-July

  • Roots and Soul Festival – Third week of August

  • Chocolate Heritage Month – August

  • La Rose Flower Festival – August 30

  • St. Lucia Dive Fest – Mid-September

  • Wellness Music Festival – Mid-September

  • La Marguerite Flower Festival – October 17

  • Creole Heritage Month – October

  • Caribbean Equine Cultural Festival – The Pitons Cup, mid-December

  • Festival of Light – St. Lucia National Day, December 13

Best Time To Visit St Lucia For Festivals
Festival In St Lucia

Best Time Of Year To See Humpback Whales And Dolphins In St Lucia

The annual whale migration in the Caribbean gives explorers the best opportunity to see majestic whales in their natural habitat.

During the winter months, whales prefer the colder temperates of the northern Atlantic Ocean, where they spend time feeding in preparation for mating season.

Humpback whales, pilot whales, and sperm whales will make their way into the warm waters of the Caribbean for their mating season, generally from December through March. It’s possible to see whales in St. Lucia as early as October and as late as April.

Check out our Premium Whale and Dolphin Watching tour for your best chance to see the whales in St Lucia. With the guidance of our knowledgeable local guides, you will be taken to some of the best areas for whale watching. We have been leading tours in this area for many years and know right where to go.

Dolphin Watching is a year-round activity in Saint Lucia. Frequent sightings include the spotted, ​common, Fraser, and ​striped species. Our personal favorites are the captivating spinner dolphins with their comical antics. Watching these playful dolphins leap into the air and spin around as many as sevens time is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Best Time To Visit St Lucia To See Whales And Dolphins
A Whale Jumping Out Of The Water

Bonus Travel Tip For St Lucia

What’s the best way to explore St Lucia?

Take a tour from an experienced local guide who is knowledgeable about the area. Hackshaw Boat Charters can show you the amazing turquoise sea and colorful marine life of St Lucia, with a friendly Capitan at the helm.

Let us take you out on the water fishing for big game fish such as blue marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and dorado. We look forward to helping you reel in a trophy-sized fish!

Whatever your dream boat charter tour looks like, we are here to help you make that dream come true.

Take a look at our tour options, and let’s start your tour planning today.

Best Time To Visit St Lucia To Explore By Boat
Have A Great Time! Explore St Lucia On One Of Our Private Boat Tours!

4 hours
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Private Custom Coastal Cruise St Lucia

We offer Half day (4 hours) and Full Day (8 hours) tours, with boats ranging from power boats to catamarans in St. Lucia. Relax and have fun on one of our private charters along St. Lucia’s beautiful coastline with our fantastic crew members!

Bring friends, family, or whoever; the choice is yours! As we leave Port Castries, you are bound to marvel at the beauty of our western coastline, to visit history-rich and fascinating Soufriere, passing the charming fishing villages of Anse La Raye and Canaries, with their distinctive Caribbean flavor.

Have your cameras ready for the view of a lifetime, our World Heritage Site: the majestic Pitons. Rising proudly from the sapphire blue waters, soaring over two thousand feet, apparently to the heavens, our Pitons are a can’t-miss experience in St. Lucia. The sight takes your breath away! There is also the option to visit other popular sites on the island, such as the Botanical Gardens, Sulphur Springs, Diamond Water Falls, and the therapeutic sulfur baths.

We have an open bar, local fruit, and light snacks throughout the trip and have lunch options from excellent beach restaurants to a sumptuous lunch served on board at an extra charge.

Several breathtaking beaches await you, with fantastic areas for snorkeling or just swimming. You create your adventure with your private and customizable St. Lucia boat charter.

No trip along the coastline could be complete without visiting the most spectacular bay in the Caribbean, Marigot Bay, where the British hid from the French fleet by tying coconut palms to their masts, letting the French sail by, then emerging and attacking from the rear, winning one of the many battles between the French and English, for possession of the “Helen of the West,” our St. Lucia. Marigot boasts many waterfront restaurants where you can enjoy refreshing Caribbean concoctions near the end of your trip of a lifetime!

On our private boat trips in St. Lucia, the boats come with complimentary drinks, light snacks, and snorkeling equipment.

A trip out with our crew will be the highlight of your vacation!

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1 day
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Tournament Fishing in St Lucia Package

Our minimum offer is 1 day of fishing in St. Lucia, but you can book up to 5 days! Fishing Options, Accommodation, Coastal Tours & Sightseeing; All in One!

Our tournament package gives you the flexibility to fish our top fishing locations around our island over several days.

With this package, we offer not only a tournament rigged sportfish boat, but also floating accommodation onboard our 50ft Power Catamaran, Lady Anne.

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Private Fishing in St Lucia Charters

We offer Half Day (4 hours) and Whole Day (8 hours) tour. Go fishing in St. Lucia with our expert captains! Our waters are abundant with a variety of big game fish, such as blue marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and dorado, to name but a few; an ideal recipe for a deep sea fishing experience in St. Lucia.

All our captains are hooked on fishing – just try to drag ’em home without a catch! After all, we had the grandfather of all fishermen “Big Bill” as our mentor!

Book a private fishing charter with Hackshaw’s Boat Charters!

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Inter-Island Charters

Our minimum offer is three days, but you can request up to 8 days! No matter which​ of the Grenadine Islands you explore, you will find warm waters in all shades of blue, tremendous variations of tropical flowers and brightly colored birds. In the air, there is the scent of sensual spices and sweet tropical fruits. Enjoy secluded beaches, colorful reefs, home to some of the world’s best snorkeling and diving.

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Private Luxury Catamaran St Lucia Cruise

We offer Half Day (4hours) or Full Day (8 hours) tours. Our private charters are a chic alternative to the regularly shared catamaran cruises, where you will escape the crowds and customize an agenda of your own. We will tailor our service, catering, and exploration to your personal desire; just let us know what your dreams are, and we will do our best to fulfill them. Jump into the crystal clear turquoise St. Lucian waters; keep an eye out for whales and dolphins, enjoy a cocktail on deck beneath the sun or in our spacious air-conditioned cabins, and chat with our engaging and professional staff.

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Dash and Splash Snorkel Adventure St Lucia

Join us for a half-day adventure as you hop aboard this comfortable powerboat for wind-in-your-face excitement combined with a gorgeous snorkel site and a relaxing beach break. The Dash and Splash is the perfect way to spend an afternoon exploring a picturesque reef and colorful Tropical fish while enjoying complimentary drinks and snacks. We then cruise along our scenic West Coast, passing through beautiful Marigot Bay and the famous Tunnel of Love. Join us on this adventure that you will remember forever!

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