Private Premium Whale and Dolphin Safari St Lucia

$ 1,632.00

We offer the only Private Premium Whale Watch Tour on Island with our Luxury Power Catamaran, “Lady Anne.” You will be pampered by our professional and courteous staff who will not only make sure you are comfortable but ensure that you have an educational experience on board with us. With smaller numbers, you get personalized treatment on every trip and escape the large crowds found on other such tours!

We are a Certified World Cetacean Alliance Member, which means we meet the highest standards for Whale Watching Tours.



Tour info

Duration: 4 hours
 Group Size:Up to 30
Languages: English

Why take this tour?

Onboard you will be served complimentary coffee, tea, soft drinks, mineral water, local fruit, and light snacks​ by our crew members.

Our crew will ensure this is an unforgettable experience with or without sightings!

More than 25 varieties of these magnificent mammals have been spotted in our waters, each bearing its unique fascination. The sight of them in their natural habitats, whether they’re feeding, mating, frolicking with their calves, or just “cooling” out in our refreshing Caribbean waters, is undoubtedly a magical and unforgettable experience!

On our St. Lucia dolphin and whale watching tours, the most frequently sighted whales are the sperm (45 ft.), the pilot (20 ft.), and the humpback (60 ft.). Occasionally, we experience what can only be considered the pinnacle of all sightings: The orcas (killer whales at 30 ft.). Who knows, it may be your lucky day! We also come across large pods of dolphins, sometimes 150 at a time. They dazzle and hypnotize us with their spectacular and lively antics.

The most frequently sighted ​dolphins ​on our boat rides are the ​Spotted, ​Common, Fraser, and ​Striped. Our personal favorites are the spinners, which can be seen leaping playfully several yards into the air, whilst spinning up to seven times. Get to know our resident dolphins on a fun day out on the water with a dolphin and whale watching tour in Saint Lucia! Book your adventure with Hackshaw’s Boat Charters today!


  • Professional Crew members

  • Dolphin watching

  • Safety gears and equipment


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