Top 7 Stunning St Lucia Beaches You Don’t Want to Miss! – Copy

Top 7 Stunning St Lucia Beaches You Don’t Want to Miss! – Copy

The windward island of Saint Lucia is surrounded by the warm, calm waters of the Caribbean Sea on the western side and the mighty Atlantic Ocean to the east.

Visitors to this idyllic tropical paradise are enchanted by swaying palm trees, clear blue water, and tasty Caribbean food. Because of the island’s volcanic past, St Lucia beaches consist of black, gray, or golden sand.

For travelers to Saint Lucia, we have seven stunning beaches worth exploring.

1) Pigeon Island Beach

St Lucia Beaches - Pigeon Island Beach Near Grand Anse Beach

On the northern tip of Saint Lucia, you’ll find one of the best areas to explore for history buffs. Once separate from the mainland, Pigeon Island is now accessible via a man-made causeway. The island is a national landmark in addition to its Pigeon Island National Park designation.

Pigeon Island was once a strategic location during the battles over Saint Lucia between the French and British forces. Hike to the lookout at historic Fort Rodney to see some of the old ruins.

Access to Pigeon Island Beach is available for a fee of 10 EC dollars for residents or $10 US for visitors.

Beaches In St Lucia – Pigeon Island Beach

2) Reduit Beach

St Lucia Beaches - Reduit Beach Near Grand Anse Beach

Adjacent to Rodney Bay Marina, on the island’s northwest coast, sits the popular Reduit Beach. With five miles of soft white sand and calm waters, you’ll find an onslaught of tourists, cruise ship passengers, and beach vendors.

Reduit Beach (pronounced red-wee) is one of the best beaches in St Lucia for people watching with an overall lively atmosphere. You’ll find several restaurants and beach bars here. Water sports rentals are available at the neighboring marina. If you prefer to avoid the crowds, arrive at the beach in the early morning or late afternoon.

There is no charge for access to Reduit Beach.

Beaches In St Lucia – Reduit Beach

3) Marigot Bay

Marigot Bay, Saint Lucia

On the island’s western side, Marigot Bay is the best beach in Saint Lucia for sightseeing.

Check out the yachts and super yachts lined up at Marigot’s luxury marina. Shop in the boutiques and eat in one of the many restaurants.

The beach here is small but adequate for sunbathing. It is possible to swim here, but there is a steady traffic of boats coming and going.

One of the best views of Marigot Bay is by boat. Take a water taxi or tour boat for a view of Marigot Bay and the picturesque coastline from the water.

Best Beaches In St Lucia – Marigot Bay

4) Anse La Raye Beach

Anse La Raye beach, Saint Lucia

Anse La Raye is a quaint fishing village with a great local feel. The picturesque beach is lined with colorful fishing boats.

The area is best known for its Friday fish fry. Fresh fish from the daily catch is cooked and sold by local vendors on Front Street every Friday night.

Anse La Raye is only 25 minutes by car from Castries or 30 minutes from the cruise terminal.

Best Beaches In St Lucia – Anse La Raye beach

5) Anse Chastanet Beach

Saint Lucia Beaches - Anse Chastanet Near Jalousie Beach

Head to the town of Soufriere on the western coast to find this quieter, less crowded beach.

One of the best beaches for snorkeling from the shore. Along with the colorful fish, snorkelers may spot seahorses, nurse sharks, and an occasional sea turtle.

Access to the beach and parking are free. Park in the lot outside of the nearby Anse Chastanet beach resort, or take a water taxi or tour boat.

Best Beaches In St Lucia – Anse Chastanet Beach

6) Sugar Beach – Anse Des Pitons

Saint Lucia Beaches - Sugar Beach Near Jalousie Beach

Anse des Pitons, or Sugar Beach as rebranded by the Viceroy resort, is technically a public beach and accessible to anyone. However, its location directly in front of the Viceroy makes it somewhat challenging to navigate.

Parking is available in a few spots outside the resort. However, it is a long walk, 1.5 km to the beach from there. A day pass is available from the resort for $50 per person, which includes access to the resort’s lot and a shuttle ride to the beach. The pass can then be used towards the purchase of food or drink at the resort’s Bayside Restaurant or from the beach attendants. The plush beach chairs are not included with this fee.

For an additional $50 per person, you can also have access to the resort’s beach chairs from a row in the back section.

The sandy beach here is stunning, with soft white sand shipped in from elsewhere. The main attraction here is the view of the towering Pitons, Gros Piton and Petit Piton.

The water surrounding the Pitons is a designated marine reserve. The location around Petit Piton offers one of the best snorkeling and scuba diving areas, filled with plenty of coral and tropical fish.

You can also access Sugar Beach by boat. This option is easier and will save you the day pass fees. Consider taking a private charter boat, so you can snorkel for as long as you like.

Sugar Beach, Saint Lucia

7 ) Private Coastal Cruise

Private Luxury Catamaran Cruise In St Lucia

Take a customized coastal cruise led by a knowledgeable local guide.

Beginning at Port Castries, a friendly captain from Hackshaw’s Boat Charters will navigate along the western coastline, with views of the majestic Pitons. You’ll see the villages of Anse La Raye and Canaries, with their distinctive Caribbean flavor.

On our private tours, you choose the sites you and your companions want to see. Options include popular sites like Diamond Water Falls, the Botanical Gardens, Sulphur Springs, and therapeutic sulfur baths.

On board our luxurious catamarans, we provide an open bar, local fruit, and light snacks. Lunch options include stopping at one of the excellent beach restaurants, or we can arrange for lunch served on board at an extra charge.

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